Share the Love with Meals on Wheels Mesa County

I think that often times when there are big, national philanthropic events it's not easy to correlate that with a local organization. When you see professionally produced commercials, nice ads on the radio, and targeted Instagram posts it's easy to think that the money that gets donated also goes to a giant corporation in the sky. It's hard to imagine that the money raised will directly benefit people in your community.

For the past five years, Meals on Wheels has participated in the national Share the Love Campaign. In those five years we've received over $60,000 with the average working out to be about $12,000 per year. That is huge, change-making money for a program like ours. Here's just a few ways that money can make a difference:

  • It covers the $3.50 donation for over 3,400 meals
  • It covers the cost of 1 month of packaging material for the meals
  • It covers two weeks of raw food for the production of our meals
  • It covers the cost of a part-time program assistant to help with administrative tasks for a year
  • It covers 4 months of rent on our building

Even though it can be hard to see, participating in Share the Love makes a dramatic impact on local programs just like ours. If you're in the market for a new Subaru, please purchase it between November 18, 2022 and January 3, 2023 and pick Meals on Wheels as your charity of choice. Help support local programs do the work that they love. For more information click here: