We've Moved!

A new partnership that has been in the works since 2020, Meals on Wheels has moved into the Food Bank of the Rockies Western Slope Etkin Family Distribution Center located at 698 Long Acre Drive, Grand Junction, CO 81505. We've designed a custom kitchen that's ready to make 1,000 meals per day from day one. There's enough office space to provide privacy and comfort for the clients that make their way into our office.

The partnership with Food Bank of the Rockies is an exciting step in our work on the Mesa County Blue Print to End Hunger. By working together in a shared space, our organizations are creating a collective impact to meet the challenge of hunger head-on across the Western Slope.

Construction began in summer 2021, with hope of being able to move in Spring 2022. As with all things construction, it did not go as planned! The offices moved at the end of October 2022, and our kitchen opened on December 5th.